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Reading Help for Delaware Students

By the end of third grade, children are expected to apply their reading skills to master subjects like math, science, history, and geography. Without a strong foundation in reading, many children are left behind at the beginning of their education.

74 percent of students who read poorly in third grade won’t ever catch up.

In partnership with our schools, Reading Assist supports struggling readers in the lowest 10% for reading proficiency. We recruit, train, and embed Reading Assist Fellows to provide daily reading instruction to help students reach grade-level benchmarks.

Reading Assist Fellows

Our fellows work one-on-one with students for 45 minutes each school day to deliver Reading Assist’s accredited, evidence-based reading program, with a focus on developing phonemic awareness, phonics, and oral reading fluency skills. Learn more >

Educator Training

Reading skills improve at even higher rates when instructors receive specialized training. We provide our accredited training program as a professional development opportunity for teachers.

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Parent Resources

Reading Assist recommends a number of resources for parents of struggling readers and can also connect you with a certified reading tutor.

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