Our Impact

Improving Reading Proficiency

Reading Assist’s proven, evidence-based approach to reading instruction makes a measurable difference for our students. We recruit and train Reading Assist Fellows to provide one-on-one instruction to struggling readers. In just one year or less, Reading Assist brings students to benchmark in foundational reading skills and accelerates the pace at which students learn.

Working together with some of the highest need elementary schools throughout the state of Delaware, we identify students who are struggling to read. We connect students with our fellows, who serve them on a daily basis and set them on a path to reading success.

Reading Assist Impact Report

Reading Assist is the only direct-service intervention program in the country that specifically targets students in the lowest 10% for reading proficiency.

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Help us make a difference for Delaware’s most struggling readers


“Our fellows were amazing! The students they worked with showed so much growth throughout the year. They really helped with their self-esteem and increased their love of school.”

– Teacher, Colonial School District