Reading Assist Fellows

Reading Help for the Most Struggling Readers

Reading Assist works in partnership with Delaware schools to identify and serve children in kindergarten to third grade who score in the lowest 10% for reading proficiency.

We recruit, train, and embed AmeriCorps members – known as Reading Assist Fellows – willing to commit a school year of service to provide our accredited one-on-one intervention program to low-income students, students with language-based learning challenges like dyslexia, and English language learners.

Moving Students to Reading Proficiency

Our fellows achieve lasting results with students, bringing even the most challenging students to grade-level reading benchmarks. By working with the students who are struggling with reading the most, we can increase the school’s capacity to provide a more robust Response to Intervention (RTI) framework and move more students to reading proficiency. 

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Fellows are trained in our accredited Reading Assist Intervention program, which follows the science of reading and focuses on foundational skills including phonological awareness and proficiency, and decoding.

Phonological Awareness

Ability to notice the sound structure of spoken language


Ability to accurately read familiar words and reasonably decode unfamiliar words out of context

“With [Reading Assist], we are able to offer 30 kids individual reading instruction. That then opens ups 30 more slots for our other tiers so that we can get even more students into our RTI groups.”

– Principal, Colonial School District

“Our fellows were amazing! The students they worked with showed so much growth throughout the year. They really helped with their self-esteem and increased their love of school.”

– Teacher, Colonial School District

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Reading Assist seeks to work with elementary schools with higher percentages of students with below-proficient ELA scores, English language learners, and low-income students. Learn how Reading Assist can support your students!

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