Educator Training

Reading Assist Intervention Program

Reading Assist offers certification to teachers, reading specialists, and other educators who wish to increase their understanding and knowledge of the science of reading.

Reading Assist partners with the Delaware Department of Education to provide training and certification under the Reimagining Professional Learning Grants.

The Reading Assist Intervention Program was accredited by the International Multisensory Structured Language Education Council (IMSLEC) in 2017.

Training in Reading Instruction

The hallmarks of poor readers are well known:

Prevention and intervention programs that combine instruction in phonological awareness and decoding can increase reading skills in struggling readers.

When instruction is provided by linguistically-informed, well-trained teachers, reading skills may improve at even higher rates.

Reading Assist’s intensive course is designed to develop practitioners in structured literacy instruction and teach necessary skills to plan and deliver effective instruction to struggling readers.

The course is divided into three parts:

Obtaining certification as a Reading Assist Interventionist depends on passing competencies at the end of each part of the program. Part 1 requires an exam; Part 2 requires competencies in lesson development and delivery to peers within the course; and Part 3 requires a minimum of six observations by the course instructor.

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“In my opinion, [the] Reading Assist Intervention Program is an amazing resource that will help students close the achievement gap because it is a systematic approach to teaching students foundational skills that they are lacking or providing readiness skills.”

-Kuumba Academy Special Education Teacher and Training Participant

“I was able to immediately implement the strategies and resources [our instructor] introduced and taught to us within my own small group.”

-Kuumba Academy Special Education Teacher and Training Participant