"Thank you, Reading Assist, for giving me that confidence to know that I can do it and that I will succeed with a little extra effort."

Thomas Reid, RAI student

Volunteers — Volunteer Stories

"Three other volunteers and I work with a little boy each week. I’ll call him Jamal. Initial Reading Assist testing this year found he had none of the skills necessary to become a reader. (After tutoring) Jamal met benchmarks for his grade level in oral reading AND phonemic segmentation. About the same time, Jamal greeted me with the announcement that he was going to be a great reader and go to college. What made a difference in this little boy’s life? About forty-five minutes a day, four days a week with a team of four volunteers who have the knowledge and skills to help him succeed in becoming a literate participant in the world. Where did I and my fellow volunteers receive our training? Through Delaware’s Reading Assist Institute."  

- Barb, Wilmington


"Every day we meet with the students is rewarding as they greet us with warmth and an eagerness to learn. Our time together is exciting, sometimes frustrating, but at the end of the day incredibly fulfilling. One day I was introducing a beginning blend concept which in prior sessions had been a struggle. On this day the student got it! His pride in his accomplishment and his expressions of joy are the essence of my reward."  

- Gary, Lewes


"I had the most interesting discussion with one of our students. I told him how we all thought he would do great in this program because we can tell how smart he is. “You may think sometimes, because your reading isn’t great right now, that you are not smart," I said. He is so astute. “I try to hide it out there so no one notices,” he said. I said we try to help you in here so you are more successful out there. “Out there helps me in here, and in here helps me out there,” he said.  He said he knows we just want to help him read better. He is something else.  

- Carol, Wilmington