"Thank you, Reading Assist, for giving me that confidence to know that I can do it and that I will succeed with a little extra effort."

Thomas Reid, RAI student

Volunteers — Roles & Responsibilities

New RAI interventionists begin with a 50-hour training program that provides a solid background in the methodology of our program, as well as the tools and tactics needed to work directly with struggling readers.

After training, interventionists are placed within school districts to work directly with students who struggle the most. Members of the RAI Reading Corps work full-time inside schools. Other volunteers work one day a week in teams of four, so that each student in the program receives reading intervention four days a week.

The responsibilities of an RAI interventionist:

  • Work with students inside schools.
  • Prepare individualized lesson plans, maintain organized records of student progress, and track volunteer hours.
  • Communicate with other team members. 

Other responsibilities:

  • Attend two continuing education classes per year in addition to original training.
  • Attend team meetings every other month.
  • Schedule sessions with assigned coach when needed. 

RAI interventionists must be able to travel to assigned schools, demonstrate ability to correctly pronounce English language sounds, and pass required criminal background checks.