"I watched as some of our struggling students met with success due in part to this wonderful team."

Principal Veronica Wilkie,

Brandywood Elementary

educators — In-School Reading Intervention

In elementary schools throughout Delaware and in nearby states, Reading Assist works as a partner in reading intervention in a variety of ways:

The Reading Assist Intervention Corps. In the 2015-16 school year, Reading Assist, through a collaborative partnership with the Colonial School District, launched a three-year pilot program to place AmeriCorps members into schools to work full time, one-to-one, with struggling readers using the Reading Assist Intervention Program. Members of the RAI Corps receive extensive training and regular coaching from Reading Assist staff. Schools and districts interested in adding RAI Corps members to their intervention programs can contact our Director of Instruction, Debbie DeGrosky, at debbie@readingassist.org.

Private In-School Intervention. Reading Assist can support and strengthen your district’s existing literacy programs in a number of ways. In some schools, professional Reading Assist Interventionists work with students on a regular schedule throughout the year, alongside district reading specialists.

Independent Educational Evaluation. Reading Assist staff members can provide independent educational evaluation for struggling students, and develop and implement individualized intervention programs as needed.